Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekly shopping trip

Okay, I am finally going to post this. Sorry but no pictures, just a brief run down. Went to Walgreens and was greatly disappointed. I had it all planned out for 3 transactions, they were out of most of the things I wanted. I wasn't feeling well and had to wing it. I spent way more out of pocket than I wanted to.

I did 2 transactions and got:
1 vaseline lotion $6.99 get $7 RR - used .50c coupon
2 Lysol toilet bowl cleaner BOGO $2.79 (had one .50c coupon and forgot to use it)
2 Morton Salt/2 Deerfield baking soda 2/$1 with in ad coupon
3 votive candles (filler items) on clearance .12c (looking at receipt now looks like 2 rang up .49c)
2 Ester-C BOGO $10.99 Used 2 $5/1 coupons
2 Zantac $8.99 get $9 RR - used 2 $5/1 coupons
2 Glade candles 2/$5 get $1 RR used 1 $3.50/1 + $1/1 coupons
1 Robitussin DM 2 pack $2.49. get $2.50 RR
2 packs stickers .24c each (filler item)
2 Nestle bags candy 2/$4 used 2 $1/1 coupons
1 pack skeleton rings .24c (filler item)

used $7.50 RR
Spent a total of $20.71 (I was mad about this)
Got $25 RR

So really with all of the RR it was still free. We ended up going back to Walgreens yesterday, I went to a different location thinking I could get some of the stuff the other store was out of but alas, no they were out too.

I could roll the RR but we decided to use them, we bought a gallon of milk, beer (for the hubby), 12 pk soda, fairy wings and a wand and head piece for the little ones halloween costume and paid all of like .23c.
So overall even though it was frustrating, we actually did pretty good.

I also made a trip to Walmart to get a few things we needed and I made a trip to Save A Lot as we needed canned goods and items to make meals out of. Since I have only been stock piling a few weeks, I haven't been able to get deals on a lot of that stuff  yet to stock it up.

We made a quick trip to Publix after Walgreens yesterday and did really well. I only had one coupon and we still saved over 50% because the BOGO deals were really good.
We got:
2 boxes Ritz Crackers BOGO $3.39 - used 1 $1/2 coupon
4 Kraft Miracle Whip BOGO $3.99 ($2 a jar is a really good price)
2 Kraft Fat Free Mayo BOGO $3.99 (Also a good price for mayo)
4 cans Planters nuts BOGO $4.29 (excellent price for nuts)
We spent $22.94 and saved $24.94.

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