Friday, October 9, 2009

Successful shopping trip

Went shopping last night. I find evenings to be best as I can leave the little one with daddy because a 2 year old doesn't have much patience. Plus the stores tend to be less crowded in the evenings. I went to four different stores: Walgreens, Target, Walmart and Publix.

I spent a total of: $147.17 and saved $103.72. I was very happy with that. My out of pocket cost would have been lower if it wasn't for all of the things that needed to be purchased at Walmart without coupons. I am hoping that it will go down more and more each week as my stockpile grows.

I also went to CVS earlier in the week and spent $29.19 and received $13 in ECB towards my next purchase. $9.50 of that total was for some prints off my digital camera so if you minus that it brings it to $19.69. Then minus the $13 I got back and that is $6.69 out of my pocket.

I know a lot of others are able to get as good of deals or even better at Walgreens but unforchanetly our Walgreens doesn't allow you to use manufacturers coupons and get RR's.

I can't wait until the paper comes out on Sunday with the new coupons and ads, I'm exciting to see what next week brings.

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  1. Hey There!! Just saw your link on Money Saving Mom and popped over to check out your blog. Congrats on a great start in the blogging world! Your shopping trip savings is amazing. I'm following and look forward to keeping up w/ things as your blog grows. Have a great weekend.


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