Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Shopping this week

I won't be doing any shopping this week as bills always come first. But I am trying to get a plan together for the following week. I found that Save A Lot has coupons on their website. Some of the items are manufacturers coupons that you should be able to use at other stores and some are their store coupons. I think it is great that they are offering even more savings off their groceries. If you like to shop there and don't mind the store brand there are great coupons like .40c off a box of mac and cheese. You can go here and print their coupons.

I need to put together a list of items we have ran out of and try to find the best way to get these items while spending the least amount of money possible. I really was hoping to get my grocery bill under $50 a week. But I just don't think that is possible. Household items and personal items are so expensive and unforchanetly we need those just as we need groceries. Ideally it would be wonderful if there was a sale and coupon for every item we need every week but there isn't. Which is why stock piling I know is the best way to go, the biggest problem I run into is finding the extra money to stockpile when there are other things you need as well.

Not a exact science that is for sure. I will not give up. With God all things are possible! He will help find the way to do this for my family.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Trying to find my way back

Okay I am going to get back into blogging and give it another shot. After finding out I was pregnant and battling morning sickness I gave up on it.

I still read lots of other blogs, most of them geared towards saving money. I envy a lot of these women who live in places where they double coupons. My goal had been to get my grocery bill down to $40 a week like a lot of these women do.

I realized the reason they have such low grocery bills is because they live in areas that double coupons and they so many items for free or just pennies. After a couple of months of stock piling I was finding I was still spending way too much and the items I was stock piling were household items and not edible items. So that left me in pinch when it came time to make meals.

So I have changed my thinking a little about stockpiling and shopping. I stock pile when I can and only if it is items that will come in good use. Publix is a great store for this. I try to go every week with coupons and take advantage of the buy one get one free items. This makes for some very cheap items and helps to stock up on them. One week I was able to get 12 boxes of spaghetti for like .15 cents a box.

Over the holidays I didn't pick up very many newspapers, so I am working to rebuild my coupons. And now some of the household items I had orginally stock piled such as shampoo and laundry soap need to be replenished.

I am going to look at more and more ways to try and lower our grocery bill.

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