Monday, October 12, 2009

Exciting week for Walgreens

The deals out there for this week at Walgreens are not as exciting as they have been in the past in general. But for me it is really exciting because I was having trouble with the Walgreens near my home not giving me the RR when I used Manufacturer's coupons. So I had not been purchasing very much at Walgreens and have missed out on a lot of great deals. Well we have more than one store near by so I called another one this morning and guess what? I can get the RR and use the manufacturer's coupons. YAY!!

The person I talked to said I should acutally be able to go back to the store where I had the problem and have them fix it. I told her I talked to the manager and she wouldn't. Which doesn't matter I'm just glad there are other stores in the area where it should work. I only wish I had made the call sooner.

If you have a little one in diapers and like Huggies, this will be a good week. I am going to do several transactions at Walgreens which will probably mean a few trips but I think it will be worth it. I am just hoping they have her size of diapers there. She is in a size 6 and they are sometimes hard to find unless you go to a big store like Walmart.

I may make my first trip today. I will keep you posted with my experience and my savings. If you have found any good deals at Walgreens so far this week, please share them.

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