Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Walgreens-Round 1

Made the first of probably a few trips to Walgreens this week. It is such a good feeling to walk out of the store with bags full of items knowing you spent less than half what they are worth.

This is what I purchased:
2 packs of Huggies 2/$18, used 2-$2/1 coupons, earned $4 RR
2 bottles of Scope-2/$7, used 2-$1/1 coupons, earned $4 RR
1 Gilette Fushion razor $8.99, used $4/1 coupon, earned$6 RR
1 Robitussin To Go (2pk)-$2.49 earned $2.49 RR
1 Halls Refresh-$1, used 75c coupon, earned $1RR
1 Sharpie marker-clearanced for .24c (filler item)
2 plastic sports bottles-clearanced for .32c each (filler items)

I broke this into 2 separate transactions so I could take advantage of the $3.50 in previous RR I had and also the ones i earned. Total out of pocket cost:  $16.90
Total savings: $34.18
RR towards next purchase: ($7.50 For those wondering what RR means, RR stands for register rewards. These are manufacturer's coupons that print when you buy a certain item. You use them towards your next purchase.)

So if you look at it this way, with the RR's I got back I only spent $9.40 out of my pocket. That is amazing! I plan on going back and doing similar transactions. I have a little one in diapers and this was a really good week to stock up on them. With the coupons and register rewards they end up being only $5 per pack, anyone who buys Huggies knows this is a GREAT deal.

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